Kevin Yank

Conversely to the colors on the box and bottle caps, #Lamy Cliff (2024 Special Edition) appears to be a more saturated, lower shading ink than the standard Lamy Blue Black. #fountainpen #fountainpens #fountainpenink

two ink swatches: a saturated blue labeled

Every #SparkMail update adds AI features designed to avoid reading or writing email, while the Mac app gets slower and flakier as an actual email client. Might have to jump back to until #MimeStream supports IMAP/JMAP (hopefully someday 🙏).

Wanted to start #Jusant today, but it seems the just-released 1.05 update is too buggy to play, at least on PS5. #games

Finally platinumed #SeaOfStars. Really enjoyed my time with the game, although it was definitely longer than I was hoping for. Could have done without the “true ending” rigamarole. That said, I’ll almost certainly be back for the DLC once it’s released. #games

Using #TailwindCSS in both a design system component library and the apps that consume it is non-trivial, and not well documented! Wrote up everything we have learned at Culture Amp: #designSystems

Build the Web

Make pixels change colour with code, to create beautiful, accessible experiences.

As Director of Front End Engineering at Culture Amp, I lead a practice of about 50 engineers to build interfaces that help users create a better world of work. After more than 20 years in the field, I continue to learn and explore what is possible on the Web.

Know your tools

Technology is a superpower. Make it work for you.

One of the gifts of a career in software development is the ability to automate away your own problems with custom software. I love to explore the little-known features and extension points in the technology I use, particularly in the Apple ecosystem.