Kevin Yank

The free demo of #HumanityGame rang a little hollow and didn’t quite convince me, but the full game really brings the polished presentation that puts it over the line. Essential puzzle game in the spirit of Lemmings but somehow more fun! Especially engrossing in VR, but highly recommended regardless.

Is anyone else getting occasional #macOS WindowServer hangs (freeze for 2 minutes, then crash to the login screen) randomly when opening the Notification Centre over the past few days? I’m seeing this on both of my Macs on Ventura 13.3.1. #Apple

Very grateful to Jared M. Smith for reviving the Elm Town podcast, and having me on for the first episode back! #elmlang #podcast

Thanks to the #MelbJS audience tonight for the kind response to my story about retiring #Elmlang at Culture Amp! Blog version here, if you’re curious:

Feedbin can no longer subscribe to Twitter users:

I’m going to have to decide whether to spend US$100/month for my Birdsitelive instance to continue following Twitter users via Mastodon.

Build the Web

Make pixels change colour with code, to create beautiful, accessible experiences.

As Director of Front End Engineering at Culture Amp, I lead a practice of about 50 engineers to build interfaces that help users create a better world of work. After more than 20 years in the field, I continue to learn and explore what is possible on the Web.

Know your tools

Technology is a superpower. Make it work for you.

One of the gifts of a career in software development is the ability to automate away your own problems with custom software. I love to explore the little-known features and extension points in the technology I use, particularly in the Apple ecosystem.