Kevin Yank

I’m terrified by the prospect of teams of engineers who stop learning from each other because #ChatGPT lets them stop talking to each other (by pretending they never need advice).

The onboarding flow for #ChatGPT should require new users to view a response to an obscure question about which they are a subject-matter expert before they can ask the model any other questions.

Until you’ve sat aghast at the sight of a confident, detailed, but completely wrong answer, you will have no understanding of the skepticism you need to apply to the guidance it provides. Already losing track of the number of engineers I’ve seen apply ChatGPT advice that turns out to be terrible.

Hopping in the car for an all-nighter, driving the support vehicle for #OxfamTrailwalker Melbourne team Back In Time that is approaching the halfway mark on their 100km journey to raise money to fight poverty! Donations welcome.

Team page:

Live tracker:

Notes from tonight’s #MelbJS: #JavaScript #meetup

Know your tools

Technology is a superpower. Make it work for you.

One of the gifts of a career in software development is the ability to automate away your own problems with custom software. I love to explore the little-known features and extension points in the technology I use, particularly in the Apple ecosystem.