Storybook is a visual workshop for developing, composing and documenting UI components in isolation. For many years it’s been a favoured tool by Design System teams. But in recent years, Storybook has sneakily grown into a very powerful and versatile automated testing tool as well!

In this talk, I show how Storybook has disrupted the traditional Test Pyramid at Culture Amp and enabled us to test much more with much less code and effort than ever before.

I had a lot of fun giving this talk at MelbJS + React Melbourne’s end-of-year mega meetup at Kogan’s office in South Melbourne yesterday. Unfortunately the stream recording is not available, so I’ve recorded this slightly less interactive version for posterity.

Video of the talk

I’m quite proud of this talk, and would love the opportunity to give it in front of another audience, so please reach out if there’s a speaking opportunity that this talk might be suited for!