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  1. Jul 20, 2007 Cat Out of the Bag

  2. Jul 17, 2007 Convent Cache Approved

    Shipping ContainerJust in case you were wondering, the photo at right is not a geocache. I met briefly with Maggie Maguire, CEO of the Abbotsford Convent today about my interest in placing a geocache on the Convent grounds. On the way, I stopped to pick up Down on the Farm, a popular cache at nearby Collingwood Children’s Farm, to take with me to the meeting.

  3. May 14, 2007 A Quiet Night with Harold at the Abbotsford Convent

    Abbotsford CourtyardAfter the hectic week-and-a-half that has been Unforeseen Stories, I'm enjoying a quiet evening to myself on the grounds of the Abbotsford Convent, where Impro Melbourne keeps its offices and holds most of its training sessions. Tonight, Jess is training along with the rest of the company's "Technique" group of up-and-comers in preparation for putting on a season of Harold beginning in July. Meanwhile, I've visited a couple of nearby geocaches following reports of a geocoin in the area and have now settled down in a quiet courtyard to partake of the peace and serenity (not to mention the Impro Melbourne wireless network).

  4. Apr 23, 2007 New Project: Pocket Pocket Query

    PPQuery AlphaAs if I needed another project to occupy my spare time, I've launched a new open source project: Pocket Pocket Query. From the project page:

    A portable application for JavaME/MIDP-enabled devices (including most mobile phones) that enables you to browse an XML database of geocache information—in particular, the Pocket Query data generated by the web site—wherever you go.
    Web site coming soon. In the meantime, marvel at this alpha screenshot, and read on for the full project description.