An open letter to the Microsoft Action Pack Regional Service Center for Australia:

Subject: MAPS digital distribution - broken link?

Hi there,

Following the email I received today (Subject: "Important: Action Pack software now available digitally"), I tried to follow the provided link to access my Microsoft Action Pack Subscription content online:

This link seems to direct me to a survey about my company’s marketing activities—a survey that I was unable to fill out because it is badly broken. Not only is the layout broken (screenshot), but it would not accept my answers, complaining that I hadn’t answered all the questions. In the end, I had to select ‘no’ for every answer in order to get it to accept my submission. This then took me to the Partner Marketing Center home page, where I could see no sign of my MAPS digital content.

I continue to be amazed by how horrible a job your web team does. Why would we ever take marketing advice from Microsoft?

Kevin Yank
Technical Director,