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Meanwhile, it looks like this year’s #Lamy Studio special edition colour is Rose. This finish came out on the Scala in 2018, and it’s a tasteful, pale pink. #fountainpens

crop of an image from the Lamy retailer portal advertising the 2023 Lamy Studio Rose

On its first boot, #macOS Ventura 13.2 displayed a prompt that Bartender wanted screen recording access, but after 10 seconds or so the prompt disappeared without any input. I’m hopeful this means that apps requesting these permissions before macOS is ready to grant them will no longer corrupt the permissions database! #Apple

The 2023 special edition #Lamy AL-star Petrol and Lilac fountain pens look great, especially the Petrol. The Lilac looks halfway between the regular Black Purple (aka Shiraz) and the rather unpopular 2018 special edition Vibrant Pink. #fountainpens

Speaking of lotteries, my tea maker is magically alive again today! Not sure how I feel about non-deterministic tea. 🤔

Playing the “I hope Apple quietly fixed my bugs” lottery with today’s macOS 13.2 update. 🤞🏻

Mourning the death of my tea maker, which has made tasty brews for me daily for a decade. No equivalent product available in Australia as far as I can tell. Would buy a Breville tea maker in a heartbeat if I could. 😢

Anyone waiting for a good Mastodon client for macOS should go buy Spring for Mac on the App Store, then use the link in Settings → About Spring to download the beta of Mona for Mac. It’s already spectacular, and developing fast. Here I have it set up to follow three timelines, including a pinned hash tag.

Recorded my current work-arounds for the macOS issue where Accessibility and other permissions get lost/corrupted on reboot: #Apple #Mac #macOS #blog

Digging into #StarTrekTAS, my first time watching The Animated Series in full, in preparation for a special edition of #SubspaceRadio before #StarTrekPicard returns next month.

Sitting down to edit #SubspaceRadio 19, where we cover the season finale of #StarTrekProdigy and other memorable starship sacrifices. #StarTrek

Excited to upgrade to 2.0 beta this weekend! #11ty

First day back at work after a month off. Happy to be back, even if the blank slate is overwhelming!

Super proud of everything that got done while I was out. Folks improved some things I would have usually done myself in the usual way. Open source works even for leadership “glue” tasks!

Whew! Overriding the auto-scroll on keyboard focus with a custom smooth-scroll turned out to be fraught with inconsistencies and even a bug or two in Safari. Thankfully I got a cross-browser-compatible solution working in the end. #JavaScript #WebDevelopment

Thanks to Stéphane Deschamps for the bug report, added a section to my Horizontal Scrolling article to add a little JavaScript to bring keyboard-focused links fully on screen by auto-scrolling.

Rewind is a game-changer for coding on a flight without WiFi. Every doc page I’ve visited for the past month or so is searchable and viewable without hitting the network! 🤯 #RewindAI

It’ll never be completely done, but apart from some feed icons and visual tweaks, the bulk of my website redesign is done. Call this the beta release. Feedback/questions welcome! Meanwhile, time to get back into the writing habit, and post all my other stuff to my own site. #indieweb #POSSE

I finally got around to watching the Remastered version of #StarTrekTOS “The Doomsday Machine”. The team did a really great job with the visual effects, turning it into a very three-dimensional battle sequence. Really uplifts the episode compared to the original! #StarTrek

Very pleased with the little #CSS sticky positioning thing I’ve done with the speech bubble tails for the notes on my home page.

I wish I knew why my macOS Accessibility permissions seem to get corrupted every week or so. I’ll reboot my machine, and the ~10 different apps that depend on Accessibility access complain they need to be allowed when they already are. sudo tccutil reset Accessibility resets everything so I can re-approve them … until it happens again. This Reddit thread suggests it’s a macOS 13 Ventura bug.

Using #TailwindCSS in practice for the first time, I quickly find myself needing to comment groups of utility classes to help me remember why I’ve added them. I believe best practice is to extract these groups of styles into well-named components, which I’ll be doing here with Liquid partials.

Takeaway: Tailwind doesn’t take away the need to write your styles in a separate file or invent names for things; it merely lets you defer this until you’re past the designing-in-code phase.

Jetstar lived up to its reputation, but four hours late is better than never! ✈ MEL​→​OOL