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Doomed startup idea: crowdsourced proofreading for the Web. A free browser extension lets individual users persistently adjust text on sites they visit, to fix typos that bug them. Websites pay to get notified of corrections reported by their users so they can fix them for everyone.

Today, the 25th anniversary of the original #Apple iMac G3, is good day to revisit Jason Snell’s final entry in 20 Macs for 2020 (article & video):

Home from a month overseas. Despite all my preparation, my home network and servers collapsed a week in along with the VPN server I used to access them remotely. Turns out my Telstra router responds to multiple power failures in quick succession by factory-resetting itself, bringing down my whole house of cards. :P

Solved the #macOS WindowServer hangs I was seeing by removing all the widgets from Notification Centre. Now I have to add them back slowly, one at a time, to find the culprit.

The free demo of #HumanityGame rang a little hollow and didn’t quite convince me, but the full game really brings the polished presentation that puts it over the line. Essential puzzle game in the spirit of Lemmings but somehow more fun! Especially engrossing in VR, but highly recommended regardless.

Is anyone else getting occasional #macOS WindowServer hangs (freeze for 2 minutes, then crash to the login screen) randomly when opening the Notification Centre over the past few days? I’m seeing this on both of my Macs on Ventura 13.3.1. #Apple

Very grateful to Jared M. Smith for reviving the Elm Town podcast, and having me on for the first episode back! #elmlang #podcast

Thanks to the #MelbJS audience tonight for the kind response to my story about retiring #Elmlang at Culture Amp! Blog version here, if you’re curious:

Feedbin can no longer subscribe to Twitter users:

I’m going to have to decide whether to spend US$100/month for my Birdsitelive instance to continue following Twitter users via Mastodon.

I’m terrified by the prospect of teams of engineers who stop learning from each other because #ChatGPT lets them stop talking to each other (by pretending they never need advice).

The onboarding flow for #ChatGPT should require new users to view a response to an obscure question about which they are a subject-matter expert before they can ask the model any other questions.

Until you’ve sat aghast at the sight of a confident, detailed, but completely wrong answer, you will have no understanding of the skepticism you need to apply to the guidance it provides. Already losing track of the number of engineers I’ve seen apply ChatGPT advice that turns out to be terrible.

Hopping in the car for an all-nighter, driving the support vehicle for #OxfamTrailwalker Melbourne team Back In Time that is approaching the halfway mark on their 100km journey to raise money to fight poverty! Donations welcome.

Team page:

Live tracker:

Notes from tonight’s #MelbJS: #JavaScript #meetup

New Mac. Here’s everything I installed on day one: #macOS

Overheard with one of Jess’s younger students on Zoom: Jess: “Do you know anything about the story of Alice in Wonderland?” Student: “Mmm… I think there’s a bunny … that tells the time?” #cute

Overheard: “Wait, what’s a ‘home phone’?” #FeelingOld

Fun day at #RubyConfAU 2023 (with more to look forward to tomorrow)! Amazing to rediscover a community I’d all but forgotten that I love. Suddenly really want to go to a #RailsCamp!

Looking forward to #MelbJS tonight!

  • Refactoring Components by Erin Zimmer
  • A Modern History of Front-End Best Practices by Ben Taylor

Pizza and drinks provided by #CultureAmp!

I love that #Micropub (via #Indiekit) provides a standard, open API to post to my own site and syndicate to services like Mastodon. But I think I’ve tried all the Micropub clients out there, and none is anywhere near as a nice as, for example, using to post to WordPress. #indieweb could really use a killer app in the authoring tool space. #POSSE

Finally watched all of #StarTrek The Animated Series. A few episodes that felt on par with TOS in their storytelling and characterisations, but it was uneven to say the least! Detailed thoughts on the next episode of, recording tomorrow!

Diving back into JETT: The Far Shore on PS5. I can’t believe they haven’t corrected the fundamental design mistake they made of building a game where you need to navigate visually under pressure while at the same time reading a subtitled alien language. A re-voiced (in English) re-release of the original campaign is what is needed, but instead they’re doubling down with an expansion in the same format. Such a shame. #PlayStation #videogames

Sadly, #macOS Ventura 13.2 seems no better at remembering the apps I granted Accessibility, Full Disk Access, and Screen Recording permissions to when I reboot. #Apple

Meanwhile, it looks like this year’s #Lamy Studio special edition colour is Rose. This finish came out on the Scala in 2018, and it’s a tasteful, pale pink. #fountainpens

crop of an image from the Lamy retailer portal advertising the 2023 Lamy Studio Rose