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In-Car Navigation with a TomTom GO 710 in Australia

TomTom GO 710In my last post, I introduced the TomTom GO 710 GPS receiver (GPSr). I recently bought this device for car navigation but have since found it to be a surprisingly versatile gadget! With the right collection of tweaks and add-ons, it can become a great device for geocaching, and a lot more besides.

In this post, I’ll describe the TomTom GO 710′s on-road navigation features, and offer some useful tips on how to make them better!

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Coffee in Portland

The difference between Australia and the United States can be concisely stated by citing the espresso menu at The Coffee People, Portland Airport, Oregon:

Espresso Drinks:

  • Mindsweeperâ„¢
  • Black Tiger Mocha
  • Slammahammaâ„¢

Boo Hoyts, Yay Hoyts!

Jess and I went to see Mission: Impossible III a couple of weeks ago. (Some spoilers indicated below.) To beat the crowds, we picked a Monday evening and avoided the city centre theatres, heading out to the Hoyts cinemas at nearby Victoria Gardens. Not only did we beat the crowds, but when we arrived the place felt abandoned. Not exactly paying attention, I absently zig-zagged through the empty cordoned queue area while Jessica watched ruefully, shaking her head, and joined me at the ticket counter.

There we met with a young woman holding a walkie-talkie, who looked very unsure of herself as she sold us our tickets, then radioed ahead to ask a member of staff to go man the ticket taker’s position for a few minutes as we made our way there. Sure enough, he appeared just as we got to the little podium, where he ripped our tickets and directed us to the third door on the left.

As we entered the cinema, we were surprised to find the lights were down and there was already something playing on the screen. It was 8:40pm and the movie wasn’t scheduled to start until 8:45pm, so I figured the projectionist must have decided nobody was showing up for that session and started the pre-show advertisement reel ahead of schedule, hoping to make an early night of it. As we made our way to our seats, however, I couldn’t help but notice Tom Cruise’s unmistakable grin on the screen—the film was already in progress!

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Lost Out Back

Check out my podcast! It’s called Lost Out Back, and my friend John and I have been working on “lost episodes” for a couple of months. It’s not perfect, but it’s fun. I hope you think so too!

A podcast about Australia by two unlikely candidates: a geek from the Great White North and a lad from the Emerald Isle.

Episode two was put up just this week. I think it’s way funnier than episode one.

A feed is available if you’re tech-savvy; if not, I’ll put up an email notification option soon so you can catch every episode as it comes out.